MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) Compress Option

I have used compression tools before and was interested to understand a little more about MEB's use of compression.  Jumping straight in, here are a couple of points to consider:
  • the backup compression feature only applies to InnoDB tables.  
  • when InnoDB tablespace files are compressed during backup, they receive the extension .ibz rather than the usual .ibd extension.  
  • you can only use the --compress option for full backups, not for incremental backups.

MySQL 5.6 Transportable Tablespaces Example

Transportable tablespaces allows copying individual InnoDB tables from one MySQL instance to another.

Here is a basic example of it's usage.

Oracle and Flashback Retention

Interestingly, I had a database that was running a large load of data.  I was running across issues with space.