Url for new improvements in MySQL 5.6

A good reference url for new improvements in MySQL 5.6


Partitioning MySQL 5.6 Style

One of the major feature enhancement in MySQL 5.6 is partitioning.    We use partitioning on a table that stores archive data.  The data is partitioned via a date range.  Pre 5.6 we had to select the specified range for reporting.  Now with some code modification we can select the exact partition.

MySQL Tuning Parameter

I haven't posted anything in a while.  The holiday season has been busy and I have been complete upgrade projects.  Before I start belated Happy New Year to you.

Whilst working on a small client database recently and made a list the MySQL parameters we used to tune the database.  Hopefully it may give you some pointers into database tuning and parameters to look at.  I should give you a couple of more details the database is fairly large about 3TB.  It's a mix of online and archive data.  It's main transaction types are insert and select.  The database version is 5.5.11 (soon to be upgraded to 5.6.14).  The databases within the instance are mainly innodb.