Oracle Issue running clusterware with database

Recently been tasked with planning an upgrade from to

After the upgrade I  needed to install another database so the cluster had two databases.
Oracle Cluster =
Oracle Database =

So I ran dbca from the Oracle Database home and the installer got part of the way into adding the database and I saw:

PRCR-1006 : Failed to add resource ora<name>.db for null
PRCD-1183 : Failed to upgrade configuration of service type to version
PRCR-1071 : Failed to register or update resource type ora.service.type
CRS-0245 : User doesn't have enough privileges to perform the operation

Trying to implement the workaround in Doc ID 13460353.8 - Registration of 11.2 database fails against 12.1 CRS stack (required fix for 11g DB with 12c GI).

We have database software and clusterware currently install (we are preparing for to upgrade). I am trying to create a new database and get CRS-0245. I have Bug 13460353 - Registration of 11.2 database fails against 12.1 CRS stack (required fix for 11g DB with 12c GI) ( Doc ID 13460353.8 ) and am planning on running the workaround:

[root bin]# ./crsctl modify type ora.lnxd.db -attr "ATTRIBUTE=TYPE_VERSION,DEFAULT_VALUE=3.2"
CRS-4995: The command 'Modify type' is invalid in crsctl. Use srvctl for this command. 

Solution - Use the -unsupported flag. 
[root@ bin]# ./crsctl modify type ora.database.type -attr "ATTRIBUTE=TYPE_VERSION,DEFAULT_VALUE=3.2" -unsupported
[root@ bin]# ./crsctl modify type ora.service.type -attr "ATTRIBUTE=TYPE_VERSION,DEFAULT_VALUE=2.2" -unsupported


  1. Thank you for the post. Saved time by not creating the SR with Oracle.

  2. Just worked like a charm. Sadly I created an SR and wasted 2 days, still without any luck.

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