Mysql Enterprise Backup verison 3.11 New Feature - Optimistic Backup

A quick post.  I have also been looking at MEB 3.11 (we currently use 3.10).  There is a new feature called ‘Optimistic Backup’.  This feature maybe worth considering as it allows you to specify tables (or a time) that most tables were not changed during the backup, it will then not backup any redo, undo or system data.  This will reduce the apply time. 

So if you have a database backup that is heavy on apply this maybe worth considering.

MySQL Enterprise Backup, Using Incrementals

As an experiment I have been testing MySQL Enterprise Backuip (MEB) and incremental backups. 

Transportable Tablespaces 5.7

In MySQL 5.7 transportable tablespaces works at a partition level:
alter table <table> discard partition <partition> tablespace;
alter table <table> import partition <partition> tablespace;

Mysql Dump and partitions

Recently I was looking at archiving tools.  We finally got an agreement to keep a smaller subset of data available as long as could restore more if required.

MySQL 5.6 parameters

I have been performing a few MySQL upgrades from 5.5 to 5.6.   It is general a straight forward process but I wanted to discuss MySQL 5.6 parameters changes.

Oracle....the small things

I have been neglecting my blog recently and decided to devote a page to some of the small things I have done.   They are not necessarily about how something works instead some are showing syntax and others useful things.  Also this is a reminder for myself something.  I will be adding to this page with more stuff.
Oracle - CREATE TABLE <name> AS........
The Oracle Recycle Bin
Oracle - Getting the DDL for an object
Corrupt UNDO segment. 
Loading Large Tables with a PK

Oracle silent and response file install

Recently whilst installing an Oracle client on a server I found the server had no X client on it.  This posed the problem of how to install without the Oracle OUI.  I remember back whilst trying to perform a silent install on a 10G database and having countless issues with my response file (rsp).