MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) 3.8 and Tracing

The new 3.8 feature of tracing is very useful.  I have been looking at where performance is worse and using tracing is very handy.

Running a SQL Script on Startup

Running sql on startup is something Oracle does via STARTUP trigger.  This can also be done via my MySQL but requires some extra steps

MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) 3.8 and Parallel Performance

I am currently looking at the newest version of MEB.  I have some experience of 3.7 and was keen to experiment the new version

SQL_MODE Parameter Change in 5.6

This setting has changed from 5.5 to 5.6, it includes strict_trans_tables - sql_mode=NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION,STRICT_TRANS_TABLES.

Mysql 5.6 upgrade (from 5.5) single and replicated instance.

I have been working on an upgrade path from 5.5. to 5.6.  The MySQL documentation is good and explains what could be a muliple phase upgrade to get to 5.5 to then upgrade to 5.6, see

Here are few notes which I hope helps.  There looks to be two ways to upgrade from 5.5 to 5.6. 
  • Import/Export
  • Binary Upgrade