MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) 3.8 and Tracing

The new 3.8 feature of tracing is very useful.  I have been looking at where performance is worse and using tracing is very handy.
--trace=LEVEL   Trace level of MEB logs. The permissible levels are
                  0,1,2 and 3. The levels in descending order are:
                      0 - INFO   (information, warnings, errors)
                      1 - FINE   (verbose option is enabled)
                      2 - FINER  (debug option is enabled)
                      3 - FINEST (all low level outputs)

Manual Entry

It produces a lot of output so be prepared.  I usual tend to send the output to a file:
mysqlbackup -u root --backup-dir=/db/DB1/backup/meb_backup/ --trace=3 copy-back 2>/db/DB1/backup/meb_restore.txt

A sample of the output:
130419 05:07:00 mysqlbackup: INFO: Copying /db/DB1/backup/2013-04-18_10-27-11/datadir/tabtest/tabpart#P#P20111101.ibd.
 mysqlbackup: WARNING: The original file /db/DB1/data/tabtest/tabpart#P#P20111101.ibd exists. It is now overwritten.
 mysqlbackup: TRACE_2: [CLOSE] 4:/db/DB1/data/tabtest/tabpart#P#P20111101.ibd
 mysqlbackup: TRACE_2: [OPEN ] 4:/db/DB1/backup/2013-04-18_10-27-11/datadir/tabtest/tabpart#P#P20111101.ibd seekable: TRUE
 mysqlbackup: TRACE_3: Reading /db/DB1/backup/2013-04-18_10-27-11/datadir/tabtest/tabpart#P#P20111101.ibd file, offset 0 and size 114688.
 mysqlbackup: TRACE_3: [SEEK ] [OFFSET: 0] [WHENCE: 0] 4:/db/DB1/backup/2013-04-18_10-27-11/datadir/tabtest/tabpart#P#P20111101.ibd
130419 05:07:00 mysqlbackup: INFO: Copying /db/DB1/backup/2013-04-18_10-27-11/datadir/tabtest/tabpart#P#P20111115.ibd.

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